Lifegate Free Will Baptist Church



About Us

What to Expect during the Worship Service

We understand that visiting a new place can be intimidating. , we promise a warm welcome from people the moment you enter the building. Please stop by the information center , where we will be happy to assist you. Or feel free to ask questions of one of the greeters you will meet at the door.  is a church designed to encourage spiritual growth in a safe and healthy environment. We value our visitors and welcome you as an honored guest. Below are a few things you can expect at Lifegate Free Will Baptist Church.

Preaching and Teaching

We are very blessed to have innovative communicators on staff to help connect your life with God and His Word. The climax of the service comes with the preaching of God’s Word and an invitation for hearers to respond. The messages are fervent, inspiring and practical. The pastor or speaker generally closes with an invitation for those who need forgiveness in their lives to come forward and accept Christ as Savior. Those who feel a need to rededicate their lives to Christ or to pray about other concerns are also invited to come. Often everyone is invited to come pray during the altar service. Deep emotion and excitement may or may not be demonstrated at the altars, but everyone who calls on God in faith receives something.


The goal of the music in our services is foremost to honor Christ. By glorifying Him, the church is edified and encouraged. There will be a mixture of praise music as well as the hymns. Each Sunday, the church body is invited to worship by use of the projector screen and hymn book while being lead by our Music leader and accompanied by the orchestra, pianist and organist. The Congregation is also ministered unto by the Church Choir, small vocal groups, and instrumentalist.  Lifegate strives to make music more than a performance; it’s the music of worship.


During the service, tithes and offerings will be received. More than a collection to pay church bills, this too is worship. Our members feel giving the tithe (the first tenth of income) and offerings declares that God comes first. It recognizes His blessing, expresses faith and seeks His guidance in every matter in life.


We believe in presenting Biblical principles through creative means that connect to your world. Be sure to see a greeter for a copy of our weekly bulletin. It is full of helpful information about upcoming events, church ministries, small groups.


You can expect to see people in formal and casual attire.  The main point is not what you wear on the outside. It is what God is doing on the inside so that you can prepare for a life-changing, uplifting worship experience with us.